[Videolib] Public performance rights question

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I am sure you are correct on the history of collecting movies. Not every
film is under copyright and even some that are have waived PPR for various
intentional and unintentional reasons. I still think this needs to be
addressed on a movie by movie basis and one should not assume that something
is not permitted unless it is specifically so stated. This is the
anti-thesis of a free society. It is in fact the basic rule of a
totalitarian one.

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Virtually no copyrighted 16mm films were sold with any kind of unlimited or
transferable public performance rights. Prints were sold over the years
by companies representing studios to libraries and Universities but these
prints were with rights for showing ONLY at the place that purchased them
( which in some cases might include a whole system of libraries) they would
not transfer to an individual ( Also they were supposed to be returned at
the end of o contract but there was not all that much follow up in some
cases) Frankly it much more likely that the private collector got his
prints from a TV station as this was a more common source

Bottom line there would be NO LEGAL right to project a film still under
copyright and under circumstances described Library would have legal
liability for doing this. It is possible to "clear" the screenings via
current rights holder but it would probably be expensive

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