[Videolib] Question on Site license agreement - ABC News video

Gail Fedak (gfedak@mtsu.edu)
Thu, 16 Sep 2004 17:10:25 -0500

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ABC News handles their programs this way. We have a few of them and let =
ABC keep up with when the renewals are due.=20
We decide at the time they send the renewal invoice whether to pay it or =
withdraw the item. Thank goodness this is not standard practice among =
most distributors.
Gail Fedak

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Been lurking awhile on this list and enjoying the variety of posts. =
Just cataloging a new video today published by ABC News which included =
a full page Site license agreement indicating that the agreement expires =
on 08/30/2006 ! And on or before that date we should send $25 to renew =
the agreement. Never seen a video license agreement like this before. =
Is this common? If so, do other libraries with videos keep track of =
these expirations and cough up the money to renew them? The other =
parts of the agreement look pretty standard, i.e.- can't copy the =
video, or charge for viewing the video, etc..=20

Karen Harrison
Catalog Librarian
Vi Tasler Library, Bellevue, WA

City University
Change your life for good=AE

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