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Thu, 16 Sep 2004 15:52:34 EDT

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> Just a thought, subversive though the current copyright atmosphere might
> be:
> unless the patron is charging a fee for attending these showings, isn't
> their exhibition considered an educational "fair use"?
> Bryan
> Glendale Public Library

Oooohhh. This is going to upset Jessica just as much as yesterday's New York
Times article on the booing of Sammy and native Bernie Mac's comments on
ESPN's Hot Seat about Chicago fans! (I'm guessing "Mr. 3000" is not going to do
well in the state of Illinois.)

The answer is no to both questions. There are a large number of wonderful
collectors around the country but I can't think of a single case where they
purchased PPR with their prints. These sales were always done "collector to
collector with no rights implied" to protect the sellers since back in the bad old
days, the FBI would actually raid homes to confiscate these "illegal" prints
(and technically, they were illegally obtained, but that's another story). They
even did this to Roddy McDowell!!!

This in no way judges these collectors -- they have made an enormous
contribution in saving what would have been "lost" films. On the other hand, I would
definitely assume these prints didn't come with PPR.

And the concept of fair use has been gone over on this list serv to such an
extent that it should be banned forever more as a public nuisance. However, if
you google this listserv you could come up with 100s of emails about this
topic. First, mix a martini (or should I say, shake?), get comfortable in your
recliner, and get ready for a LONG evening.

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