[Videolib] Question on Site license agreement - ABC News video

Karen Harrison (KHarrison@cityu.edu)
Thu, 16 Sep 2004 11:38:03 -0700

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Been lurking awhile on this list and enjoying the variety of posts.
Just cataloging a new video today published by ABC News which included
a full page Site license agreement indicating that the agreement expires
on 08/30/2006 ! And on or before that date we should send $25 to renew
the agreement. Never seen a video license agreement like this before.
Is this common? If so, do other libraries with videos keep track of
these expirations and cough up the money to renew them? The other
parts of the agreement look pretty standard, i.e.- can't copy the
video, or charge for viewing the video, etc..=20

Karen Harrison
Catalog Librarian
Vi Tasler Library, Bellevue, WA

City University
Change your life for good(r)


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