[Videolib] Pre-Halloween Cinematic Foray

Gary Handman (ghandman@library.berkeley.edu)
Thu, 16 Sep 2004 08:30:59 -0700

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>Here's a little Euro-spook for your amusement.


>>>This is a car advert from Europe. When they finished filming the ad the
>>>people who made it noticed something moving along the side of the car, like
>>>a ghostly white mist. The ad was never put on TV because the unexplained
>>>ghostly phenomenon frightened the production team out of their wits.
>>>Watch it closely and about halfway look and you will see the white mist
>>>In front of the car then following it along the road......

Gary Handman
Media Resources Center
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"Movies are poems, a holy bible, the great mother of us."
--Ted Berrigan
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