[Videolib] Collection Development Assessment

Mark Richie (n2books@frontiernet.net)
Tue, 14 Sep 2004 21:37:24 -0500

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Threatt, Monique L wrote:

> Thanks Mark.
> Actually, I think a good assessment form could potentially address all
> or at least a great deal of the issues you raise in your e-mail.
> Assessing a collection is a subjective process, but I also think it
> would be ideal if collection managers had a "base guideline" in which
> to assess a collection, and one that could be further manipulated as
> needed.
> Right now, I am interested to see how others assess their
> collection(s)--what type of questions or criteria do they set for the
> collection. I know it is my responsibility to create a final
> assessment form that will meet the needs of IUB faculty and students.
> Thanks again.
> --Monique
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> Hi Monique-
> If such a form or checklist exists, I've never seen one.
> Assessing an media collection comes under the heading of
> "professional judgment," which is sometimes accumulated over
> several years and as a result of learning from bad decisions.
> The question is, Assessing for what? Age of the
> collection? Suitability for patron use? Physical condition of the
> media? Ease of patron access? Ratio of requests to turndowns?
> Relevancy of the collection to the curriculum it is tasked to
> support? Nature and frequency of patron complaints? Acquisition of
> new material in anticipation of patron need?
> Scope of collection compared to the mission statement of the
> media library? Are you really suppose to be keeping a dozen Screen
> News Digest episodes from 1964 that haven't gone out since 1986,
> or is that the job of another department?
> Ron MacIntyre, Jim Scholtz and others have swapped plenty of
> stories about media librarians cleaning house (or being ordered to
> clean house) using some arbirtrary factor like number of
> circulation's or copyright date - only to find dozens of titles
> removed with relevance to a low incidence user or having historic
> value.
> Fortunately you have the vast intellectual resources of this
> list to draw on for your task. The rest of this thread will no
> doubt help us all.
> Mark Richie
> "Experience is a very poor teacher; it gives the test before
> presenting the lesson."
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Monique - keep all your notes, sounds like a good Phd project . .
.good luck with your efforts - hope others on the list can contribute.

Cheers - mark

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