[Videolib] Public Libraries and Documentaries

Jessica Rosner (jrosner@kino.com)
Fri, 10 Sep 2004 14:56:13 -0400

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Alas as more and more libraries are forced to either outsource or go through
wholesalers it becomes harder & harder for independent companies to get
their product
into libraries


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From: Herownword@aol.com Reply-To: videolib@library.berkeley.edu Date: Fri, 10 Sep 2004 13:59:31 EDT To: videolib@library.berkeley.edu Subject: Re: [Videolib] Public Libraries and Documentaries

I have been following this discussion with a great deal of interest and would like to add my viewpoint. A statewide resource librarian called me a couple of years ago and informed me that a large national distributor had just told him--repeatedly, because he called back several times to be sure--that Her Own Words was no longer in business and there was no information available on where we might have gone. Since Her Own Words has had the same mailing address and phone number since its founding in 1986, and since the librarian was based in the same city as me and we had met in person, he looked up Her Own Words in the local telephone directory and called me. I assured him that we are still around and all of our titles are still available. Since he had been repeatedly told that the large national distributor could not obtain Her Own Words titles and since our videos are of particular interest in Wisconsin, he was able to get special permission to order them directly from us. So I would just like to raise the additional point that cost factors, challenging as they are for independent producers, are not the only barriers we face in comparison to much larger producers (who of course sell in much larger quantities). How many librarians across the country have been told that Her Own Words is defunct and accepted that at face value simply because one of the largest media distributors in the world said so (even though every title we have ever released has been reviewed nationally and many have won awards)? Only one librarian has ever called me to question such disinformation. Okay, it's a tough world and independents need to find other ways to publicize their work than huge conglomerates that might prefer that we don't exist. Still, public, college, university, and school librarians have been among the best friends Her Own Words has had over the years and I wanted to contribute this viewpoint of how consolidated ordering in particular affects producers you might not even know about.

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