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We have to stop agreeing like this. It is no FUN. The only reasons I can
think of for institutions to need PPR rights are any kind of public showing
( anything that goes beyond the students enrolled in a class) and =C7losed
Circuit or cable/internet broadcast . I see nothing wrong with basically
"throwing" in PPR rights on otherwise very expensive videos as a kind of an
"extra" BUT this only works if the title in question is ONLY available at
the higher price and more or less limited to institutions. Once a company
decides to sell to individuals, that pretty much lets the pricing cat out
of bag in terms of pricing Other than having every individual who purchases
a copy sign a contract that it for there personal use, there would be
nothing legally to restrict someone from buying a copy
and donating it to a library

PS Dennis PLEASE beat up the Marlins for the next 3 days

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In a message dated 9/7/04 2:31:08 PM, mjaesch@tulsalibrary.org writes:
Recently I submitted an order for some titles from Direct Cinema that they
offer as home videos.=A0=A0 I received back a letter that says
=B3We are retuning the following purchase orders for incorrect pricing.=A0 On
them, you have listed home video prices that do not have Public Performance
Licensing for use in educational institutions.=A0 U.S. Copyright laws require
that public libraries provide this licensing as your materials are availabl=
for use by schools, universities and other organizations.=B2
To me this second sentence is just plain wrong.=A0
I called them and had a few words with the person that answered.=A0 Later I
said that I will personally purchase these (home video only) and then
=B3donate=B2 them.=A0 She told me that would be unethical.
I say tiered pricing is unethical, for universities, PL, or otherwise.

Dear Myles,

I happen to 100% agree! (Ha! Surprised you!) Also, US Copyright Laws do not
require this so they're "mis-stating the truth" as well -- PPR and
educational use are specifically two distinct definitions in Title 17. If I
were you, I would call Mitch Block at Direct and personally tell him what
you think.

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