[Videolib] Direct Cinema -- Home Video

Pat Shufeldt (pashuf@charter.net)
Tue, 07 Sep 2004 15:14:05 -0400

Path of least resistence is to order their films for the public
library from another supplier who doesn't balk at selling without the
unneeded public performance rights. My public library has purchased
some of this company's films through Midwest Tapes. Amazon.com also
carries a number of them.

While this doesn't deal directly with the issue of the company's
refusal to sell to the public library at home video prices, it does
get around making personal purchases of copies intended for the

Pat Shufeldt
Greenville, SC

"Jaeschke, Myles" wrote:

> Hello all,
> Recently I submitted an order for some titles from Direct Cinema
> that they offer as home videos. I received back a letter that says
> “We are retuning the following purchase orders for incorrect
> pricing. On them, you have listed home video prices that do not
> have Public Performance Licensing for use in educational
> institutions. U.S. Copyright laws require that public libraries
> provide this licensing as your materials are available for use by
> schools, universities and other organizations.”
> To me this second sentence is just plain wrong.
> I called them and had a few words with the person that answered.
> Later I said that I will personally purchase these (home video only)
> and then “donate” them. She told me that would be unethical.
> I say tiered pricing is unethical, for universities, PL, or
> otherwise.
> End of rant.
> Best,
> Myles
> Myles Jaeschke
> Tulsa City County Library
> Film Librarian