[Videolib] Mediabank DVD dispensing machine

Mark Ellis (mark.ellis@yourlibrary.ca)
Thu, 2 Sep 2004 20:55:22 -0700

I've had a couple inquiries about this as a result of William Meredith's

First, a disclosure: I have a financial interest in this product and am
involved in it's development.

The software for the system is nearing completion and we expect to have a
prototype up and running later this month. Richmond Public Library (BC)
will likely be a beta site.

For sales information contact Frank Mussche of Libramation
(www.libramation.com) at 1-888-809-0099 or frankm@libramation.com

To get a sense of what the machine looks like see
http://www.mediavendor.com/ (don't contact them as they are not involved in
the library application of this equipment) The gallery section shows the
various models from a variety of perspectives.

The system interacts with your ILS via the SIP2 protocol used by self-check
equipment so the circulation status of materials held by the machine are
reflected in the ILS and statistics are collected there as well.

After inserting their card and entering their PIN if required by the
library, the machine allows searching of the local collection by subject,
title, actor, director, etc. through an onboard catalogue. The media is
dispensed in a generic, machine specific case. The only media processing
required is the addition of a donut barcode to the center of the CD/DVD.
The system can also dispense VHS cassettes, but we're focusing on DVDs as
that's where the greatest benefit is realized.

Patrons return media directly to the machine, so you're getting
self-checkout, shelf-checkin , self-shelving and media security all at once.
Future models will slice, dice and julienne as well. ;-)

Machine capacities range from 672-2112 DVDs/CDs Note that you only require
capacity for as many disks as you'll have "on shelf" at any one time. The
machine can manage many more disks than it can store, so you may have a
collection of 10,000 DVDs and only require a machine that can contain 1,000
or fewer.

Prices range from about US$25K-50K. Frank Mussche can be more specific.

I'd welcome any questions or suggestions you have.

Mark Ellis
Manager, Reference and Information Services
Richmond Public Library
Richmond, B.C.
(604) 231-6410