[Videolib] New Releases from the Cinema Guild -Middle

Jonathan Miller (jmiller@frif.com)
Thu, 02 Sep 2004 18:11:44 -0400

Dear Peter

I am able to sell you THE JUNCTION and GENERATION X SADDAM but not the
other two:
The Bombing & Twenty Years old in the ME you must contact Doc & Co in
Paris: www.doc-co.com
Al Jazeera is ARTE France Distribution (Paris office of ARTE)
We charge $15 per tape for international air mail shipping.
Do you pay by credit card or how do you want to do it?
I doubt we will lower our prices this much on an ongoing basis, but I am
happy to extend my test offer to you in this case.
Best for now

Jonathan Miller

PS and aren't you really quite a large institution, equivalent to a State
(regional) institution in the US and not really a local pl ni the US sense
? (tho of course i understand Berlin is both)

maybe you buy multiple copies? (if you did I could consider lower prices
per unit, too)

At 05:57 PM 8/28/2004 +0200, you wrote:
>Dear Jonathan,
>thank you for your great offer. If you are prepared to send your titles
>overseas I would buy all the 5 videos for $ 50,- each, as is the price
>at California Newsreel, plus shipping by international priority mail. If
>possible we would prefer DVD-R.
>For such a price we would buy a fair amount of your really fascinating
>collection on a regular basis. It's a pity but the normal price is
>beyond our limits.
>With kind regards
>Peter Delin/Videolektorat
>Zentral- und Landesbibliothek Berlin
>Blücherplatz 1
>10961 Berlin
>Tel.: +4930/90226-198
>Fax.: +4930/90226-290
>email: delin@zlb.de
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>From: Jonathan Miller [mailto:jmiller@frif.com]
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>To: videolib@library.berkeley.edu; fsandner@rcls.org
>Subject: Re: [Videolib] New Releases from the Cinema Guild -Middle
>Eastern Studies
>Dear Fred,
>Maybe. Let's test your theory!
>I am prepared to make a special offer to every public library on this
>You can set your own price - but it should be the best price you would
>prepared to pay normally, and let's see what the price (and demand for
>these films) is that you are talking about!
>As a test. (Ok - it has to be at least $10 for the tape, and $10 to
>shipping and handling),
>And everyone can have ONE WEEK (till the close of business next Friday)
>come thru.
>And you can choose from these, the most popular of our recent Middle
>related films:
>AL JAZEERA: http://frif.com/new2003/jaz.html
>THE BOMBING: http://frif.com/new2000/bomb.html
>GENERATION X SADDAM: http://frif.com/new2003/genx.html
>THE JUNCTION: http://frif.com/new2004/jun.html
>TWENTY YEARS OLD IN THE MIDDLE EAST: http://frif.com/new2003/twen.html
>If you order one or more of them online make a note about this special
>offer and what you are prepared to pay in the "Special
>Instructions/Comments" section of the order form, and we will adjust the
>price when invoicing / charging you, to what the best price is you say
>are willing to pay for the title.
>I will report back on what the results are!
>Jonathan Miller
>First Run/Icarus Films
>PS sorry, public libraries only!

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