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Will Meredith (Will.Meredith@RoyalRoads.ca)
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I do not know if they are using the Tech Pro model, but I understand that
the Richmond Public Library (outside Vancouver, Canada) is (going to be?)
using some sort of dispensing machine. You could try contacting someone
there http://www.yourlibrary.ca/ <http://www.yourlibrary.ca/>

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Has anyone out there heard of a "DVD dispenser" made by Tech Pro? Our
circulation staff keep saying that this looks like the answer to our DVD
theft problem (they have put them in the stacks and people are simply
walking out with them or demagnetizing whole bunches on the self check out
machines or some such thing). We do not use the locking cases, as this
would require a staff person to open them, and the library wants to make all
materials available for checkout with our self check out machines sans
staff. I have been pushing to get the DVDs removed from cases and stored
behind the counter or put in locking cases (both of which would require
human intervention), but have not yet been able to compel them to do this.
Has anyone used this DVD dispenser? Is it even made for this particular



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