[Videolib] DVD Security Cases

Gerald A. Notaro (notaro@bayflash.stpt.usf.edu)
Thu, 2 Sep 2004 12:37:50 -0400 (EDT)

Demco. And to reply to another post, if the Kwik Kases do not set off your
gate alarm, then they gate needs to be adjusted. It is a very simple thing
to do. We can't set up systems to respond to hammer wielding patrons, but
for the norm. Do your police really expect a plastic cases not to crack
under such pressure? I think putting all of our DVD's and CD's in
circulation would cause undo staff time and stress. And no loss prevention
system is fool proof. They are all a compromise.

Jerry Notaro, Media Librarian
USF St. Petersburg

Sheryl Pustay said:
> Kwik Kases sound like a solution. Where can these be purchased and is
> additional equipment necessary to use these? Thanks,
> Sheryl Pustay
> Denison University Library
> Granville, OH
> Jerry Notaro wrote:
>> I can't say enough about Kwik Kases. Worth their price three times
>> over.
>> Jerry Notaro Media Librarian
>> USF St. Petersburg
>> Hi,
>> Does anyone use Clear-vu security cases for DVDs? They are the
>> kind of lockboxes that Blockbuster uses. We shelve our dvds in
>> the box, on the open shelf and are looking for a simple lockbox.
>> Any suggestions welcome. Thanks.
>> Barbara Silberstein
>> Media Librarian
>> Princeton Public Library
>> 65 Witherspoon St
>> Princeton, NJ 08542
>> 609.924.9529x227