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Thu, 2 Sep 2004 11:35:59 -0500

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Check any library supply catalog eg. Gaylord, Demco, Highsmith-- or
their Web pages and you will find at least 1/2 dozen different types of
DVD security cases and yes, there is generally a locking mechanism to
them which requires a small desktop device.
In our situation, we'll need a few of the unlocking machines... at
circulation, in tech processing, at backroom checkin operations near
drop box...
I would recommend asking for samples to be sent, so you can get an idea
of how big (Kwickcases are larger than the DVD containers) the container
is and what type of locking mechanism it has. This way you'll be able to
determine if you current shelving will accomodate and at what service
points you'll need the unlocking mechanisms.
We're right in the middle of investigating ourselves and have found the
above vendors to be quite helpful in shipping sample boxes to help us
make our decision.--Mary
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Kwik Kases sound like a solution. Where can these be purchased and is
additional equipment necessary to use these? Thanks,=20

Sheryl Pustay
Denison University Library
Granville, OH

Jerry Notaro wrote:

I can't say enough about Kwik Kases. Worth their price
three times over.
Jerry Notaro Media Librarian
USF St. Petersburg
Does anyone use Clear-vu security cases for DVDs? They
are the kind of lockboxes that Blockbuster uses. We shelve our dvds in
the box, on the open shelf and are looking for a simple lockbox. Any
suggestions welcome. Thanks.=20
Barbara Silberstein
Media Librarian
Princeton Public Library
65 Witherspoon St
Princeton, NJ 08542


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