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Mercure, Jeanette (JMercure@newington.lib.ct.us)
Thu, 2 Sep 2004 09:22:45 -0400

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We used the kwik cases for about a year and while that will prevent
patrons from stealing them in the library, it did not prevent them from
taking the dvd, case and all, out of the library, even with security
beepers on the case. We lost 1/3 of our very small collection before it
was noticed. The police said that it is very simple to get the cases
open with a hammer after they get smuggled out of the library. We now
shelve the empty original dvd packaging and keep the actual dvds behind
the circ desk. Patrons bring circ the cases and the staff puts them in
and checks them out. A lot of added work for the circ staff but we have
lost very few due to theft - hub damage on the other hand...
Jeanette Mercure
Lucy Robbins Welles Library
Newington, CT

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Does anyone use Clear-vu security cases for DVDs? They are the
kind of lockboxes that Blockbuster uses. We shelve our dvds in the box,
on the open shelf and are looking for a simple lockbox. Any suggestions
welcome. Thanks.=20


Barbara Silberstein

Media Librarian

Princeton Public Library

65 Witherspoon St

Princeton, NJ 08542



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