[Videolib] Re: Tee Vee in Academia

Nanette Sweetser (NSWEETSE@usc.edu.au)
Wed, 01 Sep 2004 09:47:28 +1000

USC teaches a lot of popular culture and creative writing courses
across the spectrum (includeing film/tv scripts, novel/tv/film tie ins
etc) so purchase a lot of tv series and film material required for those
courses. There are also language courses which are purchased for. We
also purchase materials for students' enjoyment out of the Library fines
kitty - such as popular fiction titles, tv shows & some films (and
recently comfy beanbag chairs for quiet reading corners in the library).
This is because there are a fair amount of students living in nearby and
no public library is within easy reach of the uni. Everthing is used to
death (literally) and we replace some titles regularly - replacement
format preference is dvd.


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