[Videolib] New Releases from the Cinema Guild -Middle Eastern

Syp, Marc P. (MSyp@SLPL.LIB.MO.US)
Mon, 30 Aug 2004 10:18:41 -0500

Jonathan --

That's a generous offer. I might have to take you up on that. Incidentally,
I don't know if you remember but we worked together briefly when I was at
the Webster Film Series, doing the HRW films. Anyway, I'll talk to my
purchasing department. For those of you who don't know First Run/Icarus, I
recommend their films. Consistent quality.

By the way, will these special offer tapes include PPR?

Marc Syp
Supervisor, Film Library
St. Louis Public Library

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Dear Fred,

Maybe. Let's test your theory!

I am prepared to make a special offer to every public library on this list:
You can set your own price - but it should be the best price you would be
prepared to pay normally, and let's see what the price (and demand for
these films) is that you are talking about!

As a test. (Ok - it has to be at least $10 for the tape, and $10 to cover
shipping and handling),

And everyone can have ONE WEEK (till the close of business next Friday) to
come thru.

And you can choose from these, the most popular of our recent Middle East
related films:

AL JAZEERA: http://frif.com/new2003/jaz.html
THE BOMBING: http://frif.com/new2000/bomb.html
GENERATION X SADDAM: http://frif.com/new2003/genx.html
THE JUNCTION: http://frif.com/new2004/jun.html
TWENTY YEARS OLD IN THE MIDDLE EAST: http://frif.com/new2003/twen.html

If you order one or more of them online make a note about this special test
offer and what you are prepared to pay in the "Special
Instructions/Comments" section of the order form, and we will adjust the
price when invoicing / charging you, to what the best price is you say you
are willing to pay for the title.

I will report back on what the results are!


Jonathan Miller
First Run/Icarus Films

PS sorry, public libraries only!