[Videolib] TV in academia

Maureen Tripp (Maureen_Tripp@emerson.edu)
Mon, 30 Aug 2004 10:44:18 -0400

Here at Emerson College, TV is a hot item. Our video collection is completely keyed to the curriculum, so all titles purchased must be requested by an instructor for use in a specific class. Many instructors have requested TV programs, including Buffy, Fraser, Sex and the City, Queer as Folk (just a sampling) for use in classes taught as part of the Visual and Media Arts program. We also have quite a bit of vintage TV programming, like Lucy, the Flintstones animated series, All in the Family, Beverly Hillbillies, (again, just a sampling) which is generally used in history of media classes, Mass Comm seminars, etc.

With the newer programs, we generally buy the first season on DVD, and circulate the entire package. Our titles circulate only to faculty for use in classes (students can view inhouse only) so this works fine.