[Videolib] Public Libraries and Documentaries

Blaine Waterman (bwaterman@sfpl.org)
Fri, 27 Aug 2004 16:52:15 -0700

I'd guess that the phenomenon of OUTSOURCING acquisition and processing
of library materials could be as relevant to dropping sales as any lack
of interest among librarians or our patrons. Many big public libraries
try to save money by going thru only one or two big vendors to purchase
and catalog their media, which then makes them ineligible for many of
the sales and discounts independent distributors are willing to offer
public libraries.

I'm very interested in documentaries but often forgo the expensive
independents because I know we'll usually pay list price PLUS a fee to
the vendor for getting it!!!

Blaine Waterman
AV Center Librarian
San Francisco Public Library
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San Francisco, CA 94102

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We at California Newsreel have offered virtually all our titles to
public libraries at $49.95 for close to a decade and we have actually
seen public library orders drop. As today's animated discussion of tv
sit-coms and dramas indicates, I'm afraid library patrons are simply not
interested in serious social issue documentaries. I'll be interested to
see the results of Jonathan's challenge to see if price elasticity
increases market demand.
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