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We have bought "serious" series---"Eyes on the Prize" from PBS, for
example---and some specific episodes of series such as Frontline, which we
think will support the curriculum in general. We buy "popular" series in
response to faculty requests; we have both the British & the American
versions of Queer As Folk (I think two seasons of the former & three of the
latter) in support of a sociology course. We have all of Buffy, Angel,
and Firefly, because Joss Whedon, who created them, is an alum (brag, brag)
who often comes to give talks to our film studies students, who then want
to see the episodes.

Beyond that, we haven't bought too much in the way of tv series. We do buy
the occasional series (Freaks & Geeks comes to mind) because a student---or
a faculty or staff member---wants us to get it, either for pure
entertainment, or, as in the case of F&G, because the person really thinks
it's an important item for the library to have. In those cases, we
generally buy the specific season(s) requested, or, if none is specified,
just the first season until we see what demand there is.


At 05:09 PM 8/26/2004 -0700, you wrote:
>...and just to broaden this discussion:
>How many academic types out there are venturing into the vast
>wasteland? As I think I mentioned awhile back, I've amassed a fair amount
>of programming over the past couple of years, but it always seems like a
>crap shoot. I've tried to move along genre lines, along cultural
>construction of race, gender, ethnicity lines, etc...but it's a tough go
>compared to feature film. How many seasons of Sex and the City to
>get? Which cop shows will stand as parts of the TV canon? (TV
>what?). I've taken some lead from mass comm and gender studies faculty
>(film faculty could care less!), but otherwise, I'm flying pretty
>blind. There's no doubt in my mind that buying this stuff is
>important--like film, TV has become grist for study across the
>disciplinary board. Still...
>Colleagues in academe...whaddaya say?
>Gary Handman
>Media Resources Center
>Moffitt Library
>UC Berkeley
>"Movies are poems, a holy bible, the great mother of us."
> --Ted Berrigan

Margery L. May
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