[Videolib] RE: Television series in public libraries

Celeste Choate (Celeste@cmpl.org)
Fri, 27 Aug 2004 12:50:38 -0400

As a public library that focuses on 'popular materials,' we collect a fair number of series, both American and British, from BBC and A&E series to "Alias" and "Friends".

Once a series is stolen, that season is not replaced. We will purchase the next season when it's released, though, and hope for the best.

We now break the boxed sets into individual discs. There is extra processing & cataloging time involved, but it allows more customers access to the set at once. When a disc is damaged, we still get to circ the rest of the set.
Also, customers used to get cranky when they had to wait weeks to get the boxed set of 6 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' discs and only had 4 days to get through the entire set. (We circ new DVDs for 4 days and everything else for 7 days). Since it's hard to get through the entire set in that time, they'd have to return it & get back in the holds queue. Ugly. Our OPAC allows customers to place holds on individual items so they can request the series DVDs in order.

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