[Videolib] Tee Vee in Academia

Christopher Lewis (clewis@american.edu)
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Amidst the complete-season craze of late, I've added a few at faculty
request and a few in anticipation of faculty requests. For example we have
the standard cultural artifacts such as Sex and the City, the Simpsons,
Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The Sopranos. If I'm buying on my initiative I
stick to the stuff that has gotten substantial critical attention,
particularly in academic publishing. To a large degree I trust my reading
of the zeitgeist to justify why Buffy is in but Friends is out.

I have yet to justify a purchase of Sealab 2021 or Aqua Teen Hunger Force,
but their day wil come.

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[Videolib] Tee Vee in Academia

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Please respond to

...and just to broaden this discussion:

How many academic types out there are venturing into the vast wasteland?
As I think I mentioned awhile back, I've amassed a fair amount of
programming over the past couple of years, but it always seems like a crap
shoot. I've tried to move along genre lines, along cultural construction
of race, gender, ethnicity lines, etc...but it's a tough go compared to
feature film. How many seasons of Sex and the City to get? Which cop
shows will stand as parts of the TV canon? (TV what?). I've taken some
lead from mass comm and gender studies faculty (film faculty could care
less!), but otherwise, I'm flying pretty blind. There's no doubt in my
mind that buying this stuff is important--like film, TV has become grist
for study across the disciplinary board. Still...

Colleagues in academe...whaddaya say?


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