[Videolib] Tee Vee in Academia

Madeline Copp (mcopp@jhu.edu)
Fri, 27 Aug 2004 11:10:19 -0400

I must say that I do buy a fair amount of TV. It is requested for
classes (e.g., one faculty member wants to teach a class on the X-files
so we have *all* of the seasons). If we can afford it and they want it,
we buy it. Mostly (and this concept is supported by the Film & Media
Studies faculty), I buy the first season of many shows (the faculty feel
that this is usually the best quality and that shows go downhill -
sometimes slowly, sometimes quickly). But, I must admit that I buy
some things for our students for <gasp> enjoyment (e.g., Sex and the
City, The Simpsons, etc.), but not necessarily the entire run of these
shows. One of my thoughts is that these shows tell us a lot about the
popular culture of our time so will be enjoyed now and useful in the
future (if we can still play them and if they haven't disintegrated).


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>>> ghandman@library.berkeley.edu 8/26/2004 8:09:59 PM >>>
...and just to broaden this discussion:

How many academic types out there are venturing into the vast
wasteland? As I think I mentioned awhile back, I've amassed a fair
of programming over the past couple of years, but it always seems like
crap shoot. I've tried to move along genre lines, along cultural
construction of race, gender, ethnicity lines, etc...but it's a tough
compared to feature film. How many seasons of Sex and the City to
get? Which cop shows will stand as parts of the TV canon? (TV
what?). I've taken some lead from mass comm and gender studies faculty

(film faculty could care less!), but otherwise, I'm flying pretty
blind. There's no doubt in my mind that buying this stuff is
important--like film, TV has become grist for study across the
board. Still...

Colleagues in academe...whaddaya say?


Gary Handman
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"Movies are poems, a holy bible, the great mother of us."
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