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Deg Farrelly (DEG.FARRELLY@asu.edu)
Thu, 26 Aug 2004 20:50:20 -0700

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Of course, the publisher is completely within his rights to structure
the video that way.


But then we are also within our rights to refuse to purchase the item.


I had an exchange with a vendor this year who wanted me to send him the
name(s) of the faculty who requested his self-distributed video. I
explained in an email that Arizona confidentiality law did not allow us
to release that information. But that I could notify them in case *
they * wanted to contact him to give feedback. He demanded that we
return the video, that he would not allow sale of his product to schools
that would not allow him to contact the faculty who use the title, to
get feedback.


We had already received the video, and processed it for payment. This
factor of revealing users was not a condition of sale, so I ignored his


deg farrelly

ASU West Library


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Hi all,


I have had the most bizarre emails back and forth with a guy selling a
video on how to ride a bike. He is selling the video only as a Digital
Rights Management CD. =20


However, he thinks that our patrons should checkout the CD from us and
then pay his company a fee for a license to "unlock" the disc for use.


Below is the conversion I had with him via email. Is it just me or is
he completely off his rocker. I understand protecting your property but
this is crazy.


Take Care,

Tulsa City-County Library

Film Librarian


It is unfortunate for your patrons that you don't get the point. You
will, of course, be seeing more such digital rights management in the
future by content providers, not less.

We are a for-profit company.

Take care. --Reginald

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From: Jaeschke, Myles

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Subject: RE: Pedal Magic Download activation problems

What is the point of having a CD available for checkout when our library
patron then has to pay to use the disc? This makes no sense to me.
Everything in our public library is free to use for all customers. If
this is the case I don't want this item and request that you take me off
your list of libraries with the pedal magic CD.



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Subject: Re: Pedal Magic Download activation problems


It appears you have not checked the information at our site about how
our library program works. Please check the content at
http://www.pedalmagic.com/libraryFAQs.HTM .

Thanks and best,

Reginald Joules, Principal

Ushar Enterprises Inc

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