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Jaeschke, Myles (mjaesch@tulsalibrary.org)
Thu, 26 Aug 2004 17:05:30 -0500

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Hi all,
I have had the most bizarre emails back and forth with a guy selling a =
video on how to ride a bike. He is selling the video only as a Digital =
Rights Management CD. =20
However, he thinks that our patrons should checkout the CD from us and =
then pay his company a fee for a license to "unlock" the disc for use.
Below is the conversion I had with him via email. Is it just me or is =
he completely off his rocker. I understand protecting your property but =
this is crazy.
Take Care,
Tulsa City-County Library
Film Librarian
It is unfortunate for your patrons that you don't get the point. You =
will, of course, be seeing more such digital rights management in the =
future by content providers, not less.

We are a for-profit company.

Take care. --Reginald

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From: Jaeschke, Myles

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To: ushar@pedalmagic.com

Subject: RE: Pedal Magic Download activation problems

What is the point of having a CD available for checkout when our library =
patron then has to pay to use the disc? This makes no sense to me. =
Everything in our public library is free to use for all customers. If =
this is the case I don't want this item and request that you take me off =
your list of libraries with the pedal magic CD.



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To: Jaeschke, Myles

Subject: Re: Pedal Magic Download activation problems


It appears you have not checked the information at our site about how =
our library program works. Please check the content at =
http://www.pedalmagic.com/libraryFAQs.HTM .

Thanks and best,

Reginald Joules, Principal

Ushar Enterprises Inc

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