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=93Just in time for the 2004 elections comes this in-depth study of =
options to the two traditional national political parties. And quite a =
study it is!...The depth and scope of this program make it most valuable =
as a research resource for school media collections.=94 School Library =


This feature-length video offers the most comprehensive survey to date =
of the major third party efforts in American politics today. It =
features interviews with leaders in the Libertarian, Green, Reform, =
Labor, Communist, Socialist, Working Families, and Workers World =
parties, plus commentary from activists and academics including Ronnie =
Dugger, Ralph Nader, Frances Fox Piven, Howard Zinn, Jeremy Brecher, =
and Noam Chomsky, among others. Third Party looks carefully at what =
motivates and inspires parties vying for a foothold in a country =
dominated politically by the Democrats and Republicans by exploring =
their strategies, their issues, and their thoughts on the obstacles they =
face. Made in 2003, the film, now in a shortened 55 minute version, =
touches on key themes about our political system likely to play a role =
yet again in this year's crucial election cycle. =20

Directed by Michael Burns

2003, color, VHS



To request a preview tape, please call or email Handeh Kemmer=20

at (212) 685-6242 or hkemmer@cinemaguild.com

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