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Gena Zelenka (gzelenka@park-ridge.lib.il.us)
Thu, 26 Aug 2004 09:01:29 -0500

I had an interesting experience with ALL my older James Bond video covers....they were all stolen for the artwork. When I went to my usual sources to replace I found they were NOT AVAILABLE/OUT OF STOCK. What gives? Was the thief a collector and did he/she know about collectibility of covers?!

Did get a line on used ones but I'm afraid they'll be ripped off (so to speak) too!
Gena Z.
Park Ridge PL

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Good Morning--

I have had several patrons asking me if VHS tapes may be worth something
some day. We get tons of donations as DVDs are sweeping households. Some
want to know if specific titles...Disney movies, for instance....are going
to be worth money some day.

Is it possible? Or are we going to be left with the equivalent to tons of

Thanks for your input,
Have a great day!

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