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Tom Boghossian (tboghosn@calarts.edu)
Wed, 25 Aug 2004 10:49:06 -0700

I have been maintaining the collection at THE CALIFORNIA INSTITUTE OF THE
ARTS for 19 years.
I still have old Beta maxes in the collection. Some things are just never
By the way, I have a massive collection on BETA and Laserdisc at home which
the DVD market has not touched in the classics market.

Tom Boghossian
Film Services Manager

At 12:42 PM 8/25/2004 -0400, you wrote:
>Last year, a collector wanted to donate 200 laserdiscs which he maintained
>were worth around $100,000. A cursory check on Ebay revealed that the
>bulk of his titles were selling for between $5 and $15. It's now the law
>of supply and demand but I suppose that 50 years in the future, when
>perhaps only one or two functioning laserdisc players exist, laserdiscs
>will become curiosities and interesting objects if their covers have good
>art work/ graphic design, much like those old Edison cylinders you see in
>antique shops today. Just like dust jackets are important for the value of
>older used books, the condition of video cases will determine the value of
>the videos (as well as laserdiscs and DVDs) in the future since they will
>basically only have a decorative value.
>At 10:47 AM 8/25/2004, you wrote:
>>As someone who has converted a large personal VHS collection into an even
>>larger DVD collection, I have some experience with one aspect of this
>>matter. In selling off my video cassettes through Amazon, I noticed that
>>titles are worth more (based on prices set by sellers) if they are not yet
>>on DVD. And if the VHS is out of print, the price is even higher. So
>>out-of-print Disney titles are worth something in 2004, but what about five
>>or ten years from now when VHS/VCR technology is totally antiquated? Will
>>there be anyone who wants these tapes? I doubt it.
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>>Good Morning--
>>I have had several patrons asking me if VHS tapes may be worth something
>>some day. We get tons of donations as DVDs are sweeping households. Some
>>want to know if specific titles...Disney movies, for instance....are going
>>to be worth money some day.
>>Is it possible? Or are we going to be left with the equivalent to tons of
>>Thanks for your input,
>>Have a great day!
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