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Last year, a collector wanted to donate 200 laserdiscs which he maintained
were worth around $100,000. A cursory check on Ebay revealed that the bulk
of his titles were selling for between $5 and $15. It's now the law of
supply and demand but I suppose that 50 years in the future, when perhaps
only one or two functioning laserdisc players exist, laserdiscs will become
curiosities and interesting objects if their covers have good art work/
graphic design, much like those old Edison cylinders you see in antique
shops today. Just like dust jackets are important for the value of older
used books, the condition of video cases will determine the value of the
videos (as well as laserdiscs and DVDs) in the future since they will
basically only have a decorative value.


At 10:47 AM 8/25/2004, you wrote:
>As someone who has converted a large personal VHS collection into an even
>larger DVD collection, I have some experience with one aspect of this
>matter. In selling off my video cassettes through Amazon, I noticed that
>titles are worth more (based on prices set by sellers) if they are not yet
>on DVD. And if the VHS is out of print, the price is even higher. So
>out-of-print Disney titles are worth something in 2004, but what about five
>or ten years from now when VHS/VCR technology is totally antiquated? Will
>there be anyone who wants these tapes? I doubt it.
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>Good Morning--
>I have had several patrons asking me if VHS tapes may be worth something
>some day. We get tons of donations as DVDs are sweeping households. Some
>want to know if specific titles...Disney movies, for instance....are going
>to be worth money some day.
>Is it possible? Or are we going to be left with the equivalent to tons of
>Thanks for your input,
>Have a great day!
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