[Videolib] Re: DVD security packaging

Sun, 22 Aug 2004 08:04:36 -0000 (UTC)


Unfortunately, most people aren't aware of the problems the security
strips can cause. I posted a message back in June regarding this problem.
The weighting of these strips causes uneven rotation of the disc. High
quality DVD players have a greater ability to account for some error
diffusion caused by the uneven spin pace. However, even most new DVD
players are suseptible to read errors these strips cause. If you were
able to remove the mylar, you could add a second layer of guard protection
that would take care of the stickiness this would cause. Shortly, we will
be adding such a product to our disc repair store. The guards we have
don't have a security strip and are intended to protect the label from
scratching, peeling and chipping. We've noticed many new DVDs released
have deteriorated in the label stock (Seabiscuit and Bruce Almighty to
name a couple) caused by poor production. These guards add protection in
this way without the issue of uneven play caused by the security strip

The SecureCase system is a good one. I would recommend it for anyone
looking for an alternative to the security strips. If you can't leave an
empty case and store the actual discs in a secure location (say behind the
counter to be placed in a standard DVD case at checkout), these provide
great protection from someone slipping a disc in their coat pocket. I
would do some further price checking though. The Demco site seems quite a
bit higher than what I would think you could find. In fact, I am going to
have to look into whether we should be offering these on our site as well!

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