[Videolib] DVD security packaging

Kathleen Martin (kmartin@gvpl.ca)
Fri, 20 Aug 2004 15:06:57 -0700 (PDT)

I cannot answer your question-but-how do you remove the mylar without
damaging the disc or leaving sticky stuff all over it?

Kathleen Martin
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On Fri, 20 Aug 2004, Konkel, Mary wrote:

> Hello Fellow Videolibs ....
> Our Library is having serious problems with the double-strip mylar
> security overlays for our DVDs. While we have had limited problems with
> playability (hub cracks and scratches), we are finding that in the last
> year (as DVD prices have gone down to promote mass market saturation)
> the manufacturing quality-- even from the big studios-- has
> deteriorated. Double strip security overlays have increasingly caused
> playback problems. We have done some testing and generally when the
> security mylar is removed, the DVD plays without freezing. However, this
> leaves us with the problem of no security. We are looking for a
> Blockbuster type case (one which has an lock mechanism) which don't
> take up additional space (not the KwickCase type) and also still has a
> clear sleeve to display the container information for browsing. This is
> a 1400 title open stack rental ($1 for 5 days) collection of popular DVD
> titles.
> Does anyone have any experience using the SecureCase system (I found
> in Demco's product catalog)?
> Also, I would appreciate any other successful product
> recommendations. Thanks!
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