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Konkel, Mary (Konkel@cdnet.cod.edu)
Fri, 20 Aug 2004 14:58:10 -0500

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Hello Fellow Videolibs ....
Our Library is having serious problems with the double-strip mylar
security overlays for our DVDs. While we have had limited problems with
playability (hub cracks and scratches), we are finding that in the last
year (as DVD prices have gone down to promote mass market saturation)
the manufacturing quality-- even from the big studios-- has
deteriorated. Double strip security overlays have increasingly caused
playback problems. We have done some testing and generally when the
security mylar is removed, the DVD plays without freezing. However, this
leaves us with the problem of no security. We are looking for a
Blockbuster type case (one which has an lock mechanism) which don't
take up additional space (not the KwickCase type) and also still has a
clear sleeve to display the container information for browsing. This is
a 1400 title open stack rental ($1 for 5 days) collection of popular DVD
Does anyone have any experience using the SecureCase system (I found
in Demco's product catalog)?
Also, I would appreciate any other successful product
recommendations. Thanks!
Mary S. Konkel
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Head of Technical Services
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