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Jerry Notaro (notaro@stpt.usf.edu)
Mon, 16 Aug 2004 14:57:02 -0400

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> I=B9ll add to your rant. Let us not forget that the reviews we write, for f=
> promote the products=B2 sale. And as someone who has 150 published media re=
> without one cent of compensation, I now see them popping up is commercial
> sales databases, which also helps the product.
> Jerry Notaro, USF St. Petersburg
> You see, I step out of the office for four days and look what happens...
> I feel your pain, Dennis...and I agree that there's a danger in having, u=
> mis- and dis- information flung around. Nonetheless, I balk at swinging =
> to formal moderation. I figure there are enough cool and sage heads on t=
> list to temper abovementioned weirdness.
> That said: I agree with your take (and JR;s) on sticking promo and scree=
> copies in the collection... The thing that miffs me a bit, frankly is be=
> lambasted for sticking review copies in the collection for which actual
> journal reviews have been written. For example: For a long while I wrot=
> reviews for Randy Pitman (I'm taking a sabbatical at the mo). I usually
> received the screener as compensation. Now, these reviews took a fair am=
> of time to write and, let's face it, Randy (and others) pay little more t=
> popcorn money for the effort. My rationale for doing some of this work o=
> company time was always that it ultimately contributed stuff to the
> collection. Increasingly, however, I'd get calls from distributors harpo=
> me for "donating" my personal copy to the library. I know times are toug=
> but let's face it, distributors benefit from the publicity that reviews
> afford, too.
> OK. End of rant.

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