[Videolib] RTI quick question

Susan Albrecht (albrechs@wabash.edu)
Wed, 11 Aug 2004 16:03:49 -0500

Greetings. We just received our RTI TapeCheck 460, and for any of you who
use such an animal, I'd like to ask a quick question or two. Please e-mail
me offlist with your responses at albrechs@wabash.edu

How do you utilize your RTI?
a) each tape being returned to the library gets cleaned/checked before
being shelved
b) tapes get cleaned/checked after a certain number of circs [if this is
the case, how many circs?]
c) the entire inventory gets cleaned/checked periodically [if this is the
case, how often is this done?]

Many thanks for your help.

Susan at Wabash College

Susan Albrecht
Acquisitions Coordinator
Wabash College Lilly Library
Crawfordsville, IN

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