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Trent Nicholas (Tnicholas@vmfa.state.va.us)
Wed, 11 Aug 2004 15:41:02 -0400

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Hello, I have an old posting of yours on Videolib about your media =
inventory system. Can you supply me with contact information for "Media =
Scheduling" and "Voyager"? Thank you very much for your time.
T. Nicholas
Coordinator of Media Resources
Virginia Museum of Fine Arts

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From: Nora Dimmock [mailto:NDimmock@library.rochester.edu]
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Subject: Re: [Videolib] media scheduling

We have been using Media Scheduling at the Multimedia Center at the =
University of Rochester for several years now. It works well for booking =
screenings and rooms, which is all that we use it for. We have a =
separate department that handles equipment delivery, etc, so we haven't =
tested that functionality, but I assume it would work easily as well.=20
We do wish that it would talk to Voyager better- we use both the =
circulation module and the media scheduling module here- everything on =
reserve goes through MS and all the circulating items go through circ. =
Media Scheduling works best if the item has a "media type" attached to =
the bib record in Voyager (we don't use one) and once that media type is =
added to the bib the item cannot be charged in the circulation module. =
This can be a royal pain if you are taking a large number of videos off =
of reserve and sending them back to the regular collection because the =
media type can only be deleted in the cataloging module. Media =
Scheduling does allow you to "add" a temporary media type as you are =
adding media items to a booking, thereby solving the problem, but I am =
sure the whole system would function better if it was the exclusive =
"circulation" module for a particular location.=20
We have never used it for billing and invoicing- sorry! Feel free to =
email me if you want any more information. Have a great Thanksgiving,
Nora Dimmock, Media Librarian
Multimedia Center
University of Rochester
(585) 273-5010

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