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> Ok, isn't being sent something to critique or screen mean that perhaps you
> have agreed to do this to begin with?=A0 For a while, I had several vendor=
> call me offering to send me copies to preview, contingent on purchase.=A0=20=
> asked them not to do that, since I have absolutely no time to preview
> something before deciding to purchase it, and if the material was sent
> unsolicited, I would keep it without paying. According to some US Post
> Office regulation, that state something like that unsolicited material is
> the property of the reciever.=A0 Now, if I agree to preview, or critique,=20=
> whatever, then I figure I have agreed to the sender's requirements, and am
> bound to follow them.=A0 That would mean not adding the material to the
> collection. Just my 2 cents.

Of course, but that's if it's unsolicited and state laws might be different=20
in each case. It does sound like the companies were polite and asked first.=20=
friend, who is the books editor of a major newspaper tells me that the books=
that come to him -- requested or otherwise -- are the property of the paper=20=
not his to own. I recall that with the publisher's permission, they have a=20
yearly auction for charity with these books.

Going over my records, I do have at least ten emails and five phone calls=20
from Video Pipeline from last year and the year before asking that we send t=
screeners. Needless to say, we don't, but it definitely seems like a=20
solicitation to me.

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