[Videolib] Re: promotional copies

Tatar, Becky (bltata@aurora.lib.il.us)
Tue, 10 Aug 2004 16:21:17 -0500

And now for confession time. I have to say, that I have unknowingly added
preview copies of videos to our library collection. Only a few, and in my
poor, ignorant defense, they were donated to us by one of the reporters at
our local newspaper. Since this was a few years ago, I couldn't possibly
remenber what the titles were, so I can't pull them. But if we are ever
offered this type of material again from the paper, I will let them know
nicely, that we couldn't take them. From what is being said, this also
applies to sound recordings and books, too?

On another note, just a little appreciation for people like Dennis, Jessica,
Gary, Mike, et.al, who provide such a wonderful educational service to the
rest of us. What I don't know about the legal aspects of audiovisual would
probably fill a good section of LC. I often get questions on copyright use
here at work, and I always am able to say, "Well, according to Jessica. . .
or Dennis, or. ." I know there are grey areas of any issue, but I guess I
would rather err on the side of caution. I'm not the type of person that
trys to buck the system, partly because it's easier to try to change things
by getting along rather than by being confrontational. And this is getting
too long! Thanks everyone for your input. And Go, Cubs!

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