[Videolib] An American Family

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Mon, 09 Aug 2004 11:07:01 -0700

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If you are speaking of the PBS reality series chronicling the Loud family
(as opposed to the drama series with James Olmos and Raquel Welch =AD among
others), ASU West Library has the entire series in its collection, and will
loan via ILL.

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Hi- I have a professor who wants to use AN AMERICAN FAMILY for her course. I have been told this film is out of print, but clips from the original serie= s exist on AN AMERICAN FAMILY REVISITED. =20 So=8Bdoes anyone have AN AMERICAN FAMILY REVISITED? Any opinions? I=B9m tryin= g to decide if it=B9s worth purchasing, since it=B9s not exactly what she wants. =20 Thanks, Sarah Andrews University of Iowa Libraries

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