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Stephanie Gates (sjg13@psulias.psu.edu)
Tue, 03 Aug 2004 13:32:13 -0400

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Hi Nora,

While we don't have this available for purchase, we DO have it in our
rental collection, should all attempts to buy a copy fail, let our
schedulers know and they'll be happy to schedule this for your professor.

Hopefully someone can come up with an outlet to purchase, but many of those
old PBS titles go out of print...


Title Quest for the Killers: The Three Valleys of St. Lucia
Physical Color; sound; 60
Copyrighted 1984

Distributor PBS
Video (PBS)
Audience High School, College, Adult
Collection AVS

Synopsis Articulates the conclusions drawn by an international
of doctors and scientists for controlling the
parasitic disease schistosomiasis, ten years after
initial series of experiments on the Caribbean island

Holdings VHS: 1 copy, Rent

At 12:17 PM 8/3/2004 -0400, you wrote:
>Any ideas where I can purchase a copy of this old PBS/ WGBH program? It is
>an episode of The Quest for the Killers Series that was produced in 1985.
>I am guessing it is out of print but a prof here thought someone was
>selling/ renting it. They thought it was Penn State but they don't have it.
>Thanks in advance,
>Nora Dimmock, Media Librarian
>Multimedia Center
>University of Rochester
>(585) 273-5010

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