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Trent Nicholas (Tnicholas@vmfa.state.va.us)
Fri, 30 Jul 2004 08:58:27 -0400

Check out "Downside Up"(55 min). From New Day Films: http://www.newday.com/films/index.html#Anchor-D
One slant on your topic: big factory closes in traditional Massachusetts industrial town, and they turn the hulk into, voila, a museum of modern art.

T. Nicholas
Statewide Media Resources
Virginia Museum of Fine Arts

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Just curious if anyone knows of a good short film that focusses on what
happens to a community when a large factory or corporation closes or leaves
town. (Not looking for feature length stuff like "Roger & Me".) Thanks a

Marc Syp
Supervisor, Film Library
St. Louis Public Library

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