[Videolib] ALA Testing Copyright Advisory Network

Meghann R Matwichuk (mtwchk@UDel.Edu)
Thu, 29 Jul 2004 15:59:28 -0400 (EDT)

An FYI on a new ALA Copyright discussion board that seems as though it
might be useful -- there is already a question regarding video & copyright
posted. (Apologies for any duplications.)

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-------- Original Message --------

Send us your copyright questions and help the Office for Information
Technology Policy (OITP) of ALA test a new service for ALA members! We
ask those of you who have a copyright question or problem to submit it to
the Copyright Advisory Network. OITP has created an online discussion
forum for this purpose. We want to study what kind of questions you have,
how often you face copyright issues and whether you find a service where
you can post questions and get responses helpful. We also hope to get your
feedback on the Web site that we have created, and to get advice on how to
change it to better fit your needs. Our goal is to match individuals who
are knowledgeable about copyright with librarians who have copyright
queries. This forum will occur totally online and will be offered free to

At this time, we need to know if the Copyright Advisory Network is viable
and of interest to members. Could you help? Please visit
<http://www.librarycopyright.net/> , register as a user, and visit the
Network Forums to ask your questions - and get your answers. If you have
problems accessing the forum, send an e-mail message to Ross at
<mailto:rhousewright@alawash.org> and he will assist you.

Since we have no idea how much traffic the discussion forum might draw, we
cannot guarantee that you will get a timely response to queries during the
test period, but we do promise to read and respond to each issue or
question. Bear in mind that this service does not provide you with legal
advice. You are reminded to consult legal counsel when necessary.

On behalf of the OITP Copyright Advisory Committee, thank you.

Carrie Russell, Copyright Specialist