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Hello All,

We are interested in updating our study skills video materials (how to
study, time management, research papers, etc.) to include some more current
titles. Does anyone have the series Superstar Student. I believe they are
geared to high school but wondered if they might also be appropriate for
entering college freshmen.

Good morning, Jean...

As a distributor for the "SuperStar Students" series, please find below the
information we have available:

The SuperStar Students Series
This video course instructs high school students how to improve basic study
skills and develop a genuine enthusiasm for learning. The course covers a
range of skills useful in any school subject: budgeting time, taking notes,
annotating texts, writing papers, completing exams and choosing the right career
path after high school. The first ten programs are primarily intended for
the student; the last two speak also to parents, mentors and teachers. This
12 volume video series is presented by Tim McGee; Ph.D. Dr. McGee has received
endorsements from Abilene Christian University, York College, the University
of Nebraska, and Trinity College in English and Psychology, Philosophy, and
Theology. Dr. McGee teaches at Worland High School (WHS), Worland, Wyoming.
He has been nominated for several teaching awards, including Master Teacher.
He helped to develop the advanced placement (AP) program at WHS, which has
helped students gain entrance to prestigious colleges and universities.
Each video is 30 minutes in length and comes with a subject specific study

Wishing you continued success...

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