[Videolib] Re: Disc-Go-Pod (David Wright)

Tue, 27 Jul 2004 20:41:51 -0000 (UTC)


Thank you for the information. I'll contact her and see if we can add the
link or reprint the article (with author recognition).

I stand corrected. The ECO Sr is indeed $7,000. I somehow confused the
ECO Sr (even though you clearly stated this) with the ECO Master. That
machine is a higher volume model that runs a cool $16,000. At a price tag
of $7,000, I think you would agree -- the ECO Sr still requires a
signficant volume to justify the cost of the machine and repair supplies.

For most, the idea of outsourcing is a more economical choice. I hate to
think of the number of libraries that are purchasing a machine. By doing
so, they are most likely using valuable budget resources when they would
be better served outsourcing their repair service needs.

There are a number of outsource providers. Unfortunately, there is also a
wide range in the quality of repair work. We have completed repair work
for clients that have used another service and I am shocked by the lack of
quality some services are providing. Unfortunately for the users, they've
had to pay for a 2nd repair attempt to get it right. Unfortunately for
us, this gives a bad name to the disc repair industry. The quality of the
service is just as important as the cost savings.

I would be happy to provide information to assist you in preparing an
article. I acknowledge that I am not really an independent party and
would appreciate the voice you bring to this discussion.

David Wright