[Videolib] Name this sci-fi film, if you can: "Ber..."?

Bergman, Barbara J (barbara.bergman@mnsu.edu)
Thu, 22 Jul 2004 16:30:03 -0500

Perhaps a version of Brave New World?
Main character is Bernard.

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I just *love* sending out a desparate, vague query like
this... but it's a challenge I've drawn a complete blank on.

A non-media library colleague of mine saw a film on cable TV
(one of the services without commercials)--within the past
year or so--that was apparently a feature film rather than
made-for-cable. It had a "Gattaca" type theme to it (but
isn't that film). In the near(?) future, there's class
division into elites and commoners, perhaps by genetic
endowment (this isn't clear), and the plot involves the
protagonist crossing the line.

The viewer seems to recall that the title, or part of the
title, involves a personal surname that starts with "Ber.." --
but that's about it.

Aren't I a challenge today? Any thoughts??

Jeff (who *thought* he was an SF buff at one time, and would
be most grateful for any leads...)

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