[Videolib] Name this sci-fi film, if you can: "Ber..."?

Randy Pitman (vidlib@videolibrarian.com)
Thu, 22 Jul 2004 13:52:03 -0700

Hi Jeff,

Sounds like "Harrison Bergeron" with Sean Astin, based on a Kurt Vonnegut
story. It's on the Republic label, and currently out of print. It's an
excellent film, so I hope it makes it to DVD some day (I have a VHS screener
but that wouldn't do you any good :).



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> Folks,
> I just *love* sending out a desparate, vague query like
> this... but it's a challenge I've drawn a complete blank on.
> A non-media library colleague of mine saw a film on cable TV
> (one of the services without commercials)--within the past
> year or so--that was apparently a feature film rather than
> made-for-cable. It had a "Gattaca" type theme to it (but
> isn't that film). In the near(?) future, there's class
> division into elites and commoners, perhaps by genetic
> endowment (this isn't clear), and the plot involves the
> protagonist crossing the line.
> The viewer seems to recall that the title, or part of the
> title, involves a personal surname that starts with "Ber.." --
> but that's about it.
> Aren't I a challenge today? Any thoughts??
> Jeff (who *thought* he was an SF buff at one time, and would
> be most grateful for any leads...)
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