[Videolib] CD/DVD duplicators

Schmitt, Mike (schmittm@uwgb.edu)
Thu, 22 Jul 2004 12:19:24 -0500

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I purchased a Telex cd/dvd duplicator from Full Compass in Madison, WI.
SPINWISE-7-824D That is the model and details are available from Telex.

This unit features a 1x7 configuration or will make 8 copies if you use
the 80GB internal drive. I purchased the Telex unit because we have had
such good luck the past 25+ years with their products, in particular,
duplicators. With Telex I'm fairly certain they will be around in the
future to service the unit or provide parts should I need them. One is
never certain with "off brands." The unit sells for approx. $2100 so
its not cheap. They do make it in smaller versions where the unit will
duplicate 1x3.

I have a large order for 2000 dvd's and will give it a good test at that
time. I hope this helps.




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We're looking at purchasing a stand-alone duplicator for CDs and DVDs.=20

Do any of you fine folks have experience with such a critter and could
offer advice on what to look for?

(We're working with materials that have either been created internally
or that we have permission to duplicate, so don't start worrying about

Barb Bergman=20

Media Services Librarian

Minnesota State University-Mankato

(507) 389-5945 =20

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