[Videolib] Documentaries on DVD vs. videotape

Christopher Lewis (clewis@american.edu)
Wed, 21 Jul 2004 12:40:21 -0400

Many distributors of nontheatrical videos, such as FFH&S, Bullfrog, and
Media Education Foundation, among others, are now offering DVD versions of
their titles. To date I have been reticent to opt for the DVDs if they cost
$100 or more, unless I know that the distributor will replace broken,
scratched copies for a fraction of the list price. I have had phonecalls
with various vendors on their policies. I think Bullfrog (don't quote me),
offered replacements for a flat $25 which I feel is the right price.
Another vendor said they would replace for half-price, which would have
amounted to $125, so I ordered the VHS instead.

Of the vendors on this list, I'd love to know your policies up-front before
having to make the decision between the two formats. Obviously the DVD copy
would be preferable if cost and fragility were equivalent. Also any other
librarian insights on this topic would be appreciated.

Chris Lewis
Media Librarian/Humanities Collection Manager
American University Library
AIM: congolene

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