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Lori Stevens (stevenlo@uvsc.edu)
Mon, 19 Jul 2004 15:52:45 -0600

All I know is I gave up replacing our VHS versions of Saving Private Ryan because the manufacturer tried to pack too much tape onto the spool and it kept flipping off and wrapping around stuff. 3 vhs tapes and one VCR later, I just bought the professor a DVD player for his classroom. It was cheaper than fighting with the VHS copies.

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>>> notaro@stpt.usf.edu 07/19/04 14:11 PM >>>
My techies tell me the the tape is not thinner, but that the spools are smaller. As a good librarian, I
am suspicious of everything they tell me :) But I HAVE had trouble with stabilization of 180 minute

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Quoting "Feinland, Robin" <feinland@lesley.edu>:

> Hi all,
> This is the third time I'm trying to send this due to email
> complications. Please excuse any duplication.
> Has anyone out there had any experience with programs on 180 min.
> videotapes? I've noticed a few distributors that are now putting 3 hour
> programs on one tape.
> Has anyone used 180 min. tapes or recieved programs on these? I assume
> the tape is thinner. Has anyone noticed a difference in quality? I've
> seen this before for PAL tapes, I believe, but I haven't received any
> commercial programs on these tapes before.
> Thanks for any info.
> Robin
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