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I don=92t know if everyone is aware of this situation (see below)


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From: michelle carey [mailto:michelle@sensesofcinema.com]=20
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Subject: Save the Moscow Museum of Cinema


Dear friends and cinema lovers, apologies for the mass email but I am =
this news has not been reported much in the English speaking world.=20

The Moscow Museum of Cinema is in serious danger. The museum houses more
than 40,000 in their film collection and four theatres and, since the =
end of
the Brezhnev era 20 years ago, has been the one place where Russians =
been able to experience freely the riches of international cinema past =
present, without censorship or Soviet regulation.

The Kino Tsentr is the large building in which the Museum is housed. 32% =
the Kino Tsentr belongs to the Association for Filmmakers. Nikita =
President of the Association, is undertaking to sell this part to the =
Arlekino, who alreadyhave a presence in the building with a casino, a
strip-club and a =93sauna de-luxe=94. If the sale is approved by the
Association, the Museum will be driven out and practically liquidated
(including all of its collections and all of its exhibition facilities).
Late last month there were demonstrations in France and the EU has =
to the Russian government with its support for the Museum. International
reaction must be strong, in order to prevent this 'death of cinema'.=20

Naoum Kleiman has pleaded that this situation demonstrates that this is =
in a
sense not only a direct issue for Moscow Museum of Cinema, but also for =
of the cin=E9math=E8ques and film museums. His words could not ring =

Please write to Mr Kleiman with your support for the Moscow Museum of =
kleiman@msk.org.ru . You may do by signing your name at the bottom of =

* * *

Nous apprenons avec inqui=E9tude les menaces qui p=E8sent sur le Mus=E9e =
du Cin=E9ma
de Moscou. Beaucoup d=92entre nous ont fait l=92exp=E9rience de ce lieu =
o=F9, depuis pr=E8s de vingt ans, Moscovites et Russes peuvent =
d=E9couvrir la
v=E9ritable histoire du cin=E9ma, non officielle, c=92est-=E0-dire les =
films, dans
quatre salles proposant plusieurs s=E9ances quotidiennes. Ses =
comptent 400 000 pi=E8ces, son travail d=92exposition et d=92=E9dition =
est unique
dans son pays.=20

Si le Mus=E9e =E9tait chass=E9 du b=E2timent qui l=92abrite et contraint =
ses projections publiques, dans l=92espoir toujours al=E9atoire de =
meilleurs, ce serait sa condamnation =E0 mort.=20

Ce serait une honte pour le cin=E9ma russe et pour tout le cin=E9ma.=20
Nous demandons au pr=E9sident de l=92Association des cin=E9astes, =
Mikhalkov, =E0 l=92auteur et artiste que nous connaissons, =
d=92emp=EAcher la vente
des parts de l=92Association =E0 une compagnie priv=E9e et de garantir =
la survie
du Mus=E9e.=20

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