[Videolib] Policy for ordering PAL format?

Gary Handman (ghandman@library.berkeley.edu)
Fri, 16 Jul 2004 13:01:33 -0700

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The answer, of course, is eternally the same: budget woes...

The policy of the Educational Technology Services group (who report to the
same provost/VC as we do, but who are in no way administratively beholden
to us) seems to be to install DVD players in cases where a classroom is
being newly renovated or developed. Unfortunately, there are about 270
general assignment classrooms on this campus, only a few dozen of which
have DVD players installed (less than half have ANY media installed).

I've thought about mounting a full-frontal attack by making a pitch
directly to the Vice Chancellor, but I know she's pretty beleaguered
budgetwise... If I could somehow get a critical mass of concerned faculty
together, I might be able to make the pitch more
effectively...unfortunately, that's easier said...

In the meantime, the only alternative is for faculty to schlep portable
carts with the equipment into places where there's no DVD player. A lot of
them (most of them?) would rather not bother...

Not a happy situation!


At 02:02 PM 7/16/2004 -0500, you wrote:
>When you have asked the "folks on campus who do classrooms" to buy the
>right equipment, what types of responses did they give to justify their
>reluctance or refusal? What types of arguments have you used to counter
>these responses, and to what do you attribute their reluctance? Our
>Information Technology folks are responsible for classroom equipment, and
>they have often seemed less than happy to get outside input about their
>decisions in this regard.
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>we buy em'
>Deal is, in this global, hot-wired world, it makes sense to buy what's
>available, what's good, what's useful, rather than fret too much about the
>package. You want Lacomb Lucien? PAL's the only way you're gonna get it,
>at present. The biggest issue, as I see it, faces those of us who don't
>control classroom technologies. I can build whatever field of dreams I
>want in my own shop, but it's a pretty tough go convincing the folks on
>campus who "do" classrooms to buy the right stuff to show the materials
>I'm buying.
>gary handman
>At 02:08 PM 7/15/2004 -0400, you wrote:
>>Interested in college and university library policies regarding the
>>purchase of PAL format videos?
>Gary Handman
>Media Resources Center
>Moffitt Library
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Gary Handman
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"Movies are poems, a holy bible, the great mother of us."
--Ted Berrigan
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